Com Rameshan resisted the activities of the RSS rowdies who used to come from outside the college campus and create problems for the students. They used to prevent the students form attending classes and used to pester them. Com Ramesh became a sore in the eye of the goondas. SFI had also bagged a historic victory in the Student Union Election of Govt. College Madappally. The defeated KSU with the help of RSS gundas from outside the campus attacked our comrades on 26th September, 1994. Com Rameshan was severely wounded on his head and was hurried to the hospital. He left us on 29th September 1994.




Com Sajeevan was the son of Sri Parajimel Kunchi Chekku and Smt Kalyani of Kozhikode district, Kerala. When he was returning from his friend Achuthan's house at Mannatt along with his friends the Muslim League goondas sprang on them from all the four corners. Com Sajeevan was stabbed from behind. The son of Parayinmel Kunjichekku and Kalyani, was murdered by the communal forces on 23rd October 1988.




Com Koroth Chandran was from Kozhikode district Kerala. He was a student of 9th standard in KR High School, Purameri and secretary of the SFI unit. He had also been giving leadership to the activities of Balasangam" (Left progressive Children's Organisation). The private buses operating in the route has not been stopping at the Poly Technique bus stop and hence the students had picketed the Abhilash bus. The cleaner of the bus an RSS goonda, jumped out of the bus and started beating the students recklessly with an iron lever. Com. Chandran was hit on his head and fell down. The murderer repeatedly beat till he breathed his last. He was rushed to the hospital but he passed away on the next day, 29th November, 1985.




Son of Mr Kakkottil Oningam Appu, and Smt Karthyani of Kozhikode district Kerala, Com Pradeep kumar was a martyr of organized feudalism. On 13th July, 1981, the students of AKKR High School took out a procession under the leadership of Com Pradeep kumar protesting the hike in student's bus fare. In the commotion the driver moved the bus forward and it ran over Comrade Pradeep Kumar. He was subjected to major surgery at the medical college hospital, but the doctors were unable to save his life. He was martyred on 13th July 1981




Com Joby Andrews was from Kozhikode district Kerala. The murder of Com Joby, secretary of SFI Thamarassery Area committe was also a planned one. He had contributed immensely to the strengthening of the SFI activities in Thamarassery Area. On 15th July 1992 during the concluding procession of the SFI election rally the KSU and MSF students deliberately stoned the SFI volunteers without any provocation. Com Joby who was addressing the comrades was stoned down. The attempts to rescue the fallen comrade were of no use as they continued to pelt huge stones. This happened in the presence of the police. He became a martyr on 15th July 1992